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What are the anti-interference measures of frequency converter?


Anti interference measures of frequency converter: for the interference signal transmitted by radiation, it is mainly weakened by wiring and shielding the radioactive source and the line to be interfered. For the interference signal transmitted through the line, it is mainly processed by adding filter, reactor or magnetic ring at the input and output side of frequency converter.

The specific methods and precautions are as follows:

(1) Signal line and power line shall be vertically crossed or divided into slots.

(2) Do not connect wires of different metals to each other.

(3) The shield pipe (layer) shall be reliably grounded, and the continuous and reliable grounding of the whole length shall be ensured.

(4) Twisted pair shielded cable shall be used in signal circuit.

(5) The grounding point of shielding layer shall be far away from the frequency converter as far as possible, and shall be separated from the grounding point of frequency converter.

(6) The magnetic ring can be used in the input power line and output line of the frequency converter. The specific method is as follows: the input line should be wound 4 times in the same direction, and the output line should be wound 3 times in the same direction. When winding, pay attention to keep the magnetic ring close to the frequency converter as far as possible.

(7) Generally, shielding and other anti-interference measures can be taken for the interfered equipment.